The fertility biological clock: 21st century myth?


‘Biological clock’: a term widely used by society to refer to the diminishing ovarian reserve in women since the 1950’s. It has been well known that the human ovary has a finite number of eggs and no new eggs are formed during the course of a woman’s life.

Some time back in 2012, stem cells were discovered in human ovaries following an observation of the same in mice ovaries. The division of these stem cells suggested that new eggs could be formed – making it biologically sensible as sperm is continuously replenished. Continue reading “The fertility biological clock: 21st century myth?”


Looking to do a postgraduate abroad?


It is the start of a new academic year for most universities and you may be toying around with the idea of undertaking a postgraduate course abroad. You probably got inspired by interacting with someone who studied abroad, or you feel that the quality of education and training would be better, or you just need a different environment (it is a legitimate reason I promise).


Do your homework. It will be a longer process than you what you estimate. I learnt the hard way and lost a whole year out. If you’re going to leave your country for studies, go to an above average ranking university. So look for rankings on sites like Times Higher Education and QS Top universities if you’re unsure. You can go a step ahead and look at the institution’s rating for the department you’re targeting. Continue reading “Looking to do a postgraduate abroad?”