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HIV self-test kits

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Globally, there are about 36.7 million people infected with HIV with 5000 new infections occurring every day. Of this number, 1.6 million infected people live in Kenya with 106 000 new infections every year; based on statistics as at 2016.

HIV self-test (HIVST) kits were launched in Kenya in May 2017. They can be purchased across the country in different pharmacies, with the different locations specified here, and used at your own convenience. The kits are part of the United Nation’s 90-90-90 targets, to get 90% of all HIV infected people to know their status by 2020.  This is especially for people who lack access to HIV testing centres or may face fear and stigma for various reasons. Continue reading “HIV self-test kits”


HIV today

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It was World AIDS Day about a week ago and roughly three decades since the rotavirus was discovered. The clamour against HIV stigma has relatively died out compared to the 90’s era when Asunta publicly revealed her HIV positive status. As much as the number of new infections is on the decline, the statistics are still staggering. With the 4th largest epidemic in the world, Kenya, as at 2013, had about 1.6M people living with the virus based on a UNAIDS report.

We are all aware that HIV patients can and do lead fulfilling lives, if treatment is adhered to and a conscious lifestyle adopted. I trust you enough to check off the ignorance card.

So how close are we to a possible cure? Continue reading “HIV today”