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Inseparable from your coffee? It may be genetic


If you are a coffee imbiber, this here is your safe space.

This post is also dedicated to my parents who do not approve of my coffee drinking habits.

These precious beans have proven benefits such as preventing heart and liver diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and erm, day to day living like keeping you functional at work and ensuring you graduated. Continue reading “Inseparable from your coffee? It may be genetic”


Social media and health care


On July 28th, a few days before his first birthday, Charlie Gard died in a series of heartrending events that drew worldwide attention. So widespread was this, that it got Pope Francis and President Trump involved. “I entrust little Charlie to the Father and pray for his parents and all those who loved him”, the Pope said in a tweet as a tribute to Charlie. Continue reading “Social media and health care”

Merck, Kenyan women and STEM



Merck continues to empower Kenyan women through “Merck More than a Mother” and “Merck STEM for Women and Girls” programs

Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced their commitment to empower Kenyan women through their” Merck more than a Mother “and the start of “Merck STEM for Women and Girls” programs.

Speaking at the event in Nairobi, Belén Garijo, Member of Executive Board and CEO of Merck Healthcare emphasized: “I believe in women empowerment and especially childless women – they are mistreated and discriminated in many cultures for being unable to have children and start a family. Empowering these women through access to information, health, and change of mindset to remove the stigma of infertility is needed. Through “Merck More than a Mother” we are supporting this strong message together with our partners and we will continue our commitment to improve access to regulated and effective fertility care in Africa.” Continue reading “Merck, Kenyan women and STEM”

Tribute to women and girls in science


A young Katherine solves a mathematical equation to her obviously impressed older classmates in a West Virginia school… This was part of the opening scene to the award winning biographical film- Hidden Figures. A film that could not have come at a better time. It sets to highlight the lives of female mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson; whose contribution to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 60’s was greatly overlooked throughout history. Continue reading “Tribute to women and girls in science”

Looking to do a postgraduate abroad?


It is the start of a new academic year for most universities and you may be toying around with the idea of undertaking a postgraduate course abroad. You probably got inspired by interacting with someone who studied abroad, or you feel that the quality of education and training would be better, or you just need a different environment (it is a legitimate reason I promise).


Do your homework. It will be a longer process than you what you estimate. I learnt the hard way and lost a whole year out. If you’re going to leave your country for studies, go to an above average ranking university. So look for rankings on sites like Times Higher Education and QS Top universities if you’re unsure. You can go a step ahead and look at the institution’s rating for the department you’re targeting. Continue reading “Looking to do a postgraduate abroad?”

Pears before the tipple


My first return of sense or recollection was upon waking in a strange, dismal-looking room, my head aching horridly, pains of a violent nature in every limb, and deadly sickness at the stomach. From the latter I was in some degree relieved by a very copious vomiting. Getting out of bed, I looked out of the only window in the room, but saw nothing but the backs of old houses, from which various miserable emblems of poverty were displayed . . . At that moment I do not believe in the world there existed a more wretched creature than myself. I passed some moments in a state little short of despair . . .”

William Hickey’s words in 1768. Hangovers are as old as the Old Testament yet not clearly understood to date.  You will most likely fall into the black hole called a hangover if you managed to get your blood alcohol concentration to above 0.10%. There is actually a group of researchers called Alcohol Hangover Research Group…see your indulgences deviate scientists from solving more debilitating illnesses. Continue reading “Pears before the tipple”

The stir that is GMO


One of the few industries reaping profits in the month of January are arguably, fitness centres.  This is for reasons obvious, Christmas holiday’s indulgences and the oh-so-famous New Year resolutions meet in a beautiful union. Do people still make those?

We eat so much we forget that we once fought genetically modified organisms… foods, infamously abbreviated as GMO’s. I say once, because on one of my few occasions to catch national news, politicians were up in arms against it, then the usual social media uproar and then the swift move to the next interesting bit of news. In case you are wondering, the ban on GMO in Kenya was to be lifted as at November 2015 – There are no confirmed sources whether that occurred.  For such a construed topic, GM crops only constitute 10% of the crops worldwide with 90% of them being grown in the US, Canada, Argentina and Brazil. Continue reading “The stir that is GMO”

The drugs you use


Growing up, Calpol was just about the tastiest spoonful of anything you could have when your fever spiked as a child. No? Okay. I gather there are sugar-free options lately, the banes of living in the 21st century. We substitute good old sugarcane pulp with synthetic flavor enhancers and term ourselves emancipated.

We pop painkillers, purchase that prescription drug the doctor scribbled for you, get vaccinated and carry on with life without giving a thought into how and why they landed in the market. Drug development is an expensive and intricate process that spans 12-15 years. For purposes of clarity, the word drug here refers to a legal substance for medicinal use, not recreational. Continue reading “The drugs you use”