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Maths and numbers


Big data is in. It’s in vogue. Data science has been touted as the sexiest career of the 21st century.

James Mburu loves numbers. He is currently a statistician for a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that offers statistical consultancy amidst other services such as clinical trial reporting, medical writing and data management services.

He did his undergraduate studies at Moi University in Applied Statistics with computing. He later undertook an MSc in Statistics with a biostatistics bias from Hasselt University. Continue reading “Maths and numbers”


Beautiful union of chemistry and tech


If science was a commodity, Samuel Njoroge would easily sell it. He makes it sound beautiful and he lives for disruptive innovation.

Current position

He is an R&D scientist at Proctor and Gamble (P&G) whose day to day role involves developing upstream technologies and exploiting the emerging technologies to facilitate superior (FCMG) fast moving consumer goods development and to continuously improve P&G’s innovation productivity. If you are in a fancy mood you can call it Front End innovation. Continue reading “Beautiful union of chemistry and tech”

Light play


I met Joshua Hordell in a kickboxing class. That is where we used to go dump our lab life frustrations and I can tell you for free, nothing beats the blues like a muscle exhausting endorphin burst. You cannot worry about failed experiments, nearly overdue reports and calves that won’t function at the same time, so that temporary space of no worry is a nirvana while it lasts.


I am constantly joking over my physics inadequacies so people like Josh live it for me. He studied an integrated masters- 3 years of undergraduate and a year of masters in succession. He says it was a cheaper yet more challenging alternative.


This led to a PhD in quantum optics, which is the science that will eventually aid in better visualization of cells – the more understood they are, the better for drug developers. Outside the biological side (sorry I can’t help it), the technologies behind it can also be helpful in the study of galaxies and hosting powerful surveillance systems. Continue reading “Light play”

Biology and beyond


I first visited ILRI – International Livestock Research Institute in Kabete during the last year of my undergraduate studies in Microbiology. No, they don’t only breed cows and they do have some of the most advanced laboratories in Kenya.

If you decided to take biology for your first degree, it opens the doors to a myriad of options. Some of the options highlighted here involve the role of genetic studies in studying different ecological environments, exploring microbial culture for therapeutic purposes and improvement of crop species with emphasis on crop disease.

Meet Francesca Stomeo from south Italy, the blog’s first feature profile. Continue reading “Biology and beyond”