They will know you’re lying


Men lie, women lie…and whatever the rest of that phrase says. But what if during your next interview, the panel could tell whether you were anxious or worse, lying just by using a conventional video camera similar to what is on most smartphones.

Our emotional system, which prepares us on how to deal with different external stimulations such as fear, stress or excitement does so by altering the activations of the Autonomic Nervous System. The nervous system in turn affects blood flow. So, blood flow detection can be used as a fool proof marker for one’s true emotion since it’s almost always beyond conscious control.

There are known sets of neurons that affect the blood flow to different parts of the face based on again, what you honestly feel. The changes in blood flow will also mean a change in the concentration of haemoglobin- the substance that gives red blood cells their color.

The concentration of haemoglobin on the face can be detected by recording the light reemitted by haemoglobin, which is different from that of melanin. The haemoglobin concentration changes can then be recorded forming activation patterns. Hence different activation patterns of blood flow on your face will indicate your real state of emotions when it’s compared to mapped/known facial activation patterns.


The technical name for all this science is Transdermal Optical Imaging, developed by a University of Toronto scientist and his postdoc student. It operates under the name NuraLogix.  If this goes mainstream, aka, as a phone app, litigation for divorce cases might get simpler and faster. On a more practical note however, Dr. Kang Lee says ‘’Although it was originally developed to study face processing and deception, this versatile technology has many applications including market research, security, medicine, and AI.”


* This one is a short one because my mind, probably like yours, was not in the appropriate state for neurons and blood flow and it’s alright.


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