Pears before the tipple


My first return of sense or recollection was upon waking in a strange, dismal-looking room, my head aching horridly, pains of a violent nature in every limb, and deadly sickness at the stomach. From the latter I was in some degree relieved by a very copious vomiting. Getting out of bed, I looked out of the only window in the room, but saw nothing but the backs of old houses, from which various miserable emblems of poverty were displayed . . . At that moment I do not believe in the world there existed a more wretched creature than myself. I passed some moments in a state little short of despair . . .”

William Hickey’s words in 1768. Hangovers are as old as the Old Testament yet not clearly understood to date.  You will most likely fall into the black hole called a hangover if you managed to get your blood alcohol concentration to above 0.10%. There is actually a group of researchers called Alcohol Hangover Research Group…see your indulgences deviate scientists from solving more debilitating illnesses.

This post won’t be explaining the ‘why we get hangovers’ here but rather how to somehow reduce the aftermath. There are countless folk remedies out there but I’m here for a recently researched one- the humble pear.  Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) found out in preliminary studies that pears lower your blood alcohol levels. Factors in pears were discovered to act on key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism and showed lower acetaldehyde levels -metabolite responsible for making you feel like trash.

However, this results were obtained from the Korean pear (someone tell me the variety found in KE) and only works if you drink pear juice/ eat whole pears before you drink any alcohol. Worth trying out before your next turnup night.

However, regardless of how much water, egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce and club soda you down on the morning after, truth is your body needs roughly an hour to metabolize every unit of liquor you had. In perspective, if you had 3 doubles of vodka, you need approximately 6 hours to rid it from your system.  Perhaps what they need to find out is why your mind allows you to repeat drinking sprees even after experiencing such far from delightful effects.

Hangovers cost your business or employer man hours, so this is my civic duty in preserving the economy. Lastly and most importantly, drink responsibly and for goodness sake, don’t drink and drive.

Extra tip: Ibuprofen






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