Beautiful union of chemistry and tech


If science was a commodity, Samuel Njoroge would easily sell it. He makes it sound beautiful and he lives for disruptive innovation.

Current position

He is an R&D scientist at Proctor and Gamble (P&G) whose day to day role involves developing upstream technologies and exploiting the emerging technologies to facilitate superior (FCMG) fast moving consumer goods development and to continuously improve P&G’s innovation productivity. If you are in a fancy mood you can call it Front End innovation.

Achievements and past roles

In 2013 as a post graduate researcher in California Institute of technology, he was part of a team that designed a prototype biomedical device. This portable gadget is set out to make molecular diagnosis of HIV and other diseases, simple, low cost and faster. We are talking back-packable, no fuss and works in minutes– or rather, a gold mine for global health fanatics. If you have come across a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine, which is widely used for molecular diagnosis, it is far from fitting into a back pack. This would be instrumental in areas such as airports and remote areas that lack proper diagnostic facilities.

Adding to his list of awards; just this month, he got an AARD TechnovAAtion theme award in recognition of Elevating Breakthrough Innovation at P &G.

He has also worked as a microfluidics scientist at Biofluidica Microtechnologies LLC. Microfluidics is a mash up of sciences aimed at utilizing the behaviour of fluids in micro channels. To bring it closer home, it is the same technology behind inkjet printers and the new braille tablet. His work profile here involved using microfluidics for detection of circulating tumor cells.

If you were in Pioneer school, Kenya in the early to mid-2000’s, you can probably remember Sam as your Chemistry and/or Physics teacher.

He means it when he says he lives for innovative disruption as he is part of four patents filed in the US for different methods and devices in diagnostics.


Sam studied Chemistry/ Physics for his undergraduate degree at Moi University and his PhD at Louisiana State University in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry (with a focus on microfluidics systems). He is also a certified public secretary CPS (K).

In his spare time, he provides training and mentorship to young scientists and students. He didn’t mention this, but I suspect he uses the time to hatch up new technology that would contribute to global health, something he is passionate about.

Image credit

via Science Unmasked.


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